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It is a rare thing for me to witness the good in the world that people do. The Hero Initiative celebrates and recognizes people's work and accomplishments and the creators and artists are celebrated. These are the people who gave all their time and energy to make the world a better place by entertaining people and giving those who saw their work, the idea that the world can be a better place if we work hard enough.

I would like to thank the Hero Initiative for having me out to watch these two legends receive plaques made by me. I have been doing this for the organization for nearly 20 years. I got to see first hand Al Milgrom get his first ever award, and it was mine. Chris Claremont, one of the loveliest people you will ever meet, was the other. I cannot express how blessed I felt because these two people through comics made my life a much more bearable place. 

These two will never know the impact they have on those who had nothing but their light in the darkness. To be able to give back just a tiny bit of that meant the world. 

There are a group of people who worked behind the scenes to make this happen. To Jim, Kevin, Shannon, Desiree, Angela, Lou, and many others, you made a memory for me that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

To the left here, is Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. I doubt you will find a kinder, more wonderful artist on this earth. I watched this man for 20 minutes be interviewed by this gentleman and the genuine care he showed is a model I myself wish to follow when I get to be his age. I want to be this man, and be that kind of person to be able to encourage and help others to be better artists. He has one of my awards. 

No convetion post could be without a dog story. 

This is Sydney. A service dog belonging to a lovely woman who works for the Hero Initiative. I got to sit next to Sydney at the banquet. It was a lovely time. We discussed politics, why Dogs are way better than cats, and "Where is my human going?"

This was another highlight of my experience watching a dog do its job, barking in the middle of the show, which made me smile as it did others. Those who have never known the devotion of a dog, have never experienced true unconditional love. Mad props to Sydney, she was a lovely bonus. 

A huge Shout out to Brad Tree, Randy Tischler, and the illustrious Mark Nathan for putting on the greatest comic con ever. You unsung heroes need an award, and I just might make that happen. Your tireless efforts to make things work are greatly appreciated. 

To everyone at the Hero Initiative, Baltimore Comic Con, I thank you for a night I will never forget. 

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