In a parallel world, there is a version of me, with a Jeep that never rusts.  This is one of the rear shackles that fell off during the course of a winter 3 years ago. So you have an idea of what kind of idiot puts a new frame under an old rusted out Jeep.


This was taken the summer of 2020 when Ona was still alive. She was a gorgeous dog with a beautiful and kind heart. She is the one with the dark face. Radar is my other shepherd. Not a day goes by where I do not miss my girl Ona. She was the best dog I ever had. 

Radar learned a lot from her, and is doing everything that Ona did when he was a pup. He's teaching Lilly how to be part of the pack. 


Here is Radar and Lilly camped out on the bed. He really does not mind her being in his space. They are getting along perfectly.


Pigpen the cat. Apex predator and coffee drinking butthole.


Pepe the cat. Kindest, sweetest and most ridiculously affectionate cat I have ever had. She is also a very old grandma kitty.