In order to promote my podcast, and website, and to spread the lunacy that is mine around as far as I can, I am going to send a hand made protective coin to one lucky subscriber to my podcast. I am hoping that word of mouth, and or the CIA, FSB, or CHINESE INTELLIGENCE SERVICES will help me out. I am offering one of these up, in order to bring the nebulous "THEY" out of the shadows. 

All kidding aside, I am really just hoping more people listen to the stuff I am doing because it's fun and I've got a studio full of stuff I do not want to move to the secret base I am building. That being said, this is a metal coin made of copper and brass. carry it with you to protect yourself from the bad energies and evil spirits. 

One Coin, up for grabs. If you subscribe at the link below,  you will have access to some special episodes, as well as the regular content. July 1st 2022 is when I will do the give away. 


Thanks For Listening!!!