I talk about strange things. I look for the unusual. Whether it be strange artifacts, or unusual events, I have a profound interest in it. I have always been a little weird and have always looked for the unusual, because the mundane is everywhere and absolutely soul crushing to think that all we know is what we ignore. 

I’d like to believe there is far more to this existence than what we can easily validate. If there is one thing I know with absolute certainty, is that no one can know everything.


One of the first things I ever saw on television was “IN SEARCH OF” with narration by Leonard Nimoy. That show, and the subsequent film put me on a path to look for things that other people would ridicule or mock. How absolutely self aggrandizing can one be, if they claim that they know everything about the world but have never experienced it outside of their preset, and socially acceptable boxes. 

Have you ever found something so unusual that you could not explain it? Have you ever seen anything so bizarre, and strange that you lacked the vocabulary to describe it? I know exactly what that is like. When I was very very young, I had an experience that I cannot explain and can remember it as if it were right in front of me. 

I have never been able to find the answers, but it did not mean I ever stopped looking. I will always look for answers, to unspeakable truths. 


This event to the left with the red orange silhouette, is what started everything for me. Seeing this, changed my vision of what the real world is. If you have ever seen something like this, please feel free to tell me your story.