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I was born in a small town in Illinois. I grew up there, and even though I was born and lived across the street from the very hospital I was brought into this world in, I was an outsider. 

Being an outsider is not always a bad thing. It is funny how people can be, when they need to feel better about themselves, or feel like they have some power in this world. I sometimes visit that small town and visit the house that still haunts me to this day. 

I can still hear the screaming in that house, and the violence that took place in it. I sometimes think that a part of me died there and is trapped in that place, still haunting it. One day they'll tear it down and expand the parking lot like they have been doing for decades. Maybe then that will free the souls that reside there. 

I currently reside in a different state, in a different kind of haunted house. This house had the ghosts pre-installed. We live in a sort of harmony, so long as I don't make too much noise. 

I make art, I write, I enjoy the company of dogs and cats. I train people to use violence to solve problems. My life is full, and complete. I have people in my life who love me for what I am, and all the things I am not. I no longer suffer from depression, and my demons and I have parted company. I am free to be who I was meant to be all along. 

So I am making art simply to make art, and not out of some contrived need to showcase what is wrong with me. If that was my intent, I'd be forced to live forever as my work would never be done.          -T

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