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This is where my art is. 

This is my website where you can see the work I do, and what i am currently working on. Occasionally I will post works in progress, videos, and other media that you can view. 

I cannot guarantee how often things will go up, but I can say that my life is where it needs to be, to where I can devote some time to this. I hope that the updates of new work give insight as to what I am about, as my work speaks for itself.

It's why I don't have an artist's statement about what I do, or what my thoughts are behind a piece of art. I make art because it is a productive way to process emotions, and make peace with the things I cannot change.  

I have had the good fortune of meeting the most amazing people who have said things to me that moved me to tears. The most beautiful gift you can bestow, is the one no one can ever thank you for. That came from a stranger who I met in Baltimore and it has struck a profound chord. I will take that for the message that it was meant to be. 

profound words from an amazing person. Thank you.
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